2019 finish #3

I am on a roll!! This was a top before I moved to Nevada and is finally a quilt. I needed a Spring/summer update for our bed and with company coming soon, it gave me the push I needed. This is a Weeks Ringle quilt pattern called Share and Share Alike. I used an Urban Elementz panto called Cumulus to get this big girl (90 x 102) finished. Given more time or a smaller quilt, I probably would have done free motion but love that it is finished. I put the binding on completely by machine for the first time. I still love the look of a hand stitched binding but the machine binding is a huge time saver.

I’m waiting on a backing so I can finish 2019 #4 but until then I have some orphan blocks that will become a cover for my big hassock . Not sure how this will end up but it’s a starting point .

2019 finish #2

Another finish and not the one I anticipated in February. My Antebellum Album quilt top is complete but it got pushed to the side by this one.

I put this together in about 10 days. It’s for a special someone who lives on the east coast who needs a hug! Since I’m in Nevada, I’m sending a quilted hug. I love this Villa Rosa pattern called Tiffany which uses 2.5 strips. I usually would do free motion quilting but wanting to get it out quick I used an Urban Elementz panto called Cool Beans which looks fabulous. I will definitely be making one of these for myself.

In other news, an old quilting companion has died.

This old gal has been with me since 2006 She has been a bit leaky of late but on Sunday she just gave up. Goodbye old friend 😥! So today I replaced her with a Rowena who has big shoes to fill.

February finish

This is my first finished quilt of 2019. The panel was bought in Sonoma, California while on a girls’ weekend with my quilting gals from Connecticut in 2017. I started it in November 2018 on a quilting retreat with my new quilting gals from Nevada. There are a lot of memories tied to this quilt. It combines my love of quilting together with my long time friends and my new friends. It also reminds me of being in Sonoma just days before the fires hit that beautiful area and brought home to me one of the perils of living on the West Coast.

I knew immediately how I wanted to quilt it and the quilting turned out exactly as I envisioned it. I used a linen for the backing and binding which, with a little starch, worked out fabulously. I also used a new concept for the hanging sleeve which I found on YouTube. It was easy and used up some scrap fabric I had. I will refine it next time. It is now labeled and hanging in my studio.

With this finish, I am motivated to try and get a couple more quilts to the finish line. I’m setting up my design wall and plan to get my ” tree” blocks and my Antebellum blocks into tops. I like the idea of working on modern and traditional quilts in the same time frame. Balance, feels right. 🧘‍♀️