And we’re back…..

Yep, promised to check in at the end of July following vacation and… I don’t know πŸ€”. Guess I didn’t really come out of vacation mode til about a week ago. BUT I have some finishes to share.

You may remember my July list. Here is what I finally got done though it was literally done in the last 10 days.

I actually quilted three little quilts in an afternoon, sewed on the bindings and have completed them. They were sitting there ready for quilting for some time. I finally loaded the dog quilt and realized that I had been procrastinating because I couldn’t decide how to quilt it. Once it was on the rails, I just did a quick all over. I added a little special stitching for the special baby girl who is receiving it and kept moving!

When I finished, I grabbed the next one, quilted it and then grabbed the third one and did the same. I realized that the quilting design stage can be a stumbling block for me. Does that ever happen to any of you??

I need to remember that most of my quilts are gifts or for me. I like to free motion and just need to let the fabric or the quilt design speak to me and JUST QUILT!!

So here they are!

I quilted her name throughout.

I did look at some of Angela Walters’ books for inspiration. I used her “back and forth” design for the background on the pear. Used up the extra 3 blocks to make this little wall hanging.

I did complete my #6 Antebellum block but I am still 2 behind and I am determined to get them done over the long weekend.. I will post them next week. I promise! 🀞😏

Til then Quilt til you wilt!