2019 finish #4

Haven’t blogged in a couple of weeks but I have been busy! Here is my fourth finish! This top was done a year or so ago at a guild class. It’s called “Happy Quilt “. I’m loving pantos these days for getting some older quilts finished. This one is an Anne Bright panto called “Splat”. It is perfect for spring.

I also made a couple of blocks for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. April’s color was aqua.

My sister is here from Florida and we are having a lovely visit. This was taken from the observation deck of Heavenly’s gondola in South Lake Tahoe on Wednesday. Still lots of snow at 6000 feet.

My hubby will be out of town next week so I will have lots of time to quilt. Stay tuned!


2019 finish #3

I am on a roll!! This was a top before I moved to Nevada and is finally a quilt. I needed a Spring/summer update for our bed and with company coming soon, it gave me the push I needed. This is a Weeks Ringle quilt pattern called Share and Share Alike. I used an Urban Elementz panto called Cumulus to get this big girl (90 x 102) finished. Given more time or a smaller quilt, I probably would have done free motion but love that it is finished. I put the binding on completely by machine for the first time. I still love the look of a hand stitched binding but the machine binding is a huge time saver.

I’m waiting on a backing so I can finish 2019 #4 but until then I have some orphan blocks that will become a cover for my big hassock . Not sure how this will end up but it’s a starting point .

2019 finish #2

Another finish and not the one I anticipated in February. My Antebellum Album quilt top is complete but it got pushed to the side by this one.

I put this together in about 10 days. It’s for a special someone who lives on the east coast who needs a hug! Since I’m in Nevada, I’m sending a quilted hug. I love this Villa Rosa pattern called Tiffany which uses 2.5 strips. I usually would do free motion quilting but wanting to get it out quick I used an Urban Elementz panto called Cool Beans which looks fabulous. I will definitely be making one of these for myself.

In other news, an old quilting companion has died.

This old gal has been with me since 2006 She has been a bit leaky of late but on Sunday she just gave up. Goodbye old friend πŸ˜₯! So today I replaced her with a Rowena who has big shoes to fill.

Rainbow Scrap Challenge-March edition

I waited anxiously for the RSC color to be announced in early March. I pulled my scraps and I’ve finally finished my blocks. This is the third month and I have worked out a system to get them done efficiently. I have 12 blocks so far.

A by product of the blocks are these little triangles.

The first month I didn’t notice them in the excitement of starting a new project. But in February they started whispering to me but I ignored them. This month, however, there were too many to ignore. I could hear my grandmother saying “waste not, want not”. Once I finished my blocks, I sewed them all together. I’m going to square them up and put them in a box. I’m not sure whether these little 1.5 blocks will be part of this project or a mini quilt but they have been saved from the trash bin. Head over and see what everyone is doing on Scrap Happy Saturday !

February finish

This is my first finished quilt of 2019. The panel was bought in Sonoma, California while on a girls’ weekend with my quilting gals from Connecticut in 2017. I started it in November 2018 on a quilting retreat with my new quilting gals from Nevada. There are a lot of memories tied to this quilt. It combines my love of quilting together with my long time friends and my new friends. It also reminds me of being in Sonoma just days before the fires hit that beautiful area and brought home to me one of the perils of living on the West Coast.

I knew immediately how I wanted to quilt it and the quilting turned out exactly as I envisioned it. I used a linen for the backing and binding which, with a little starch, worked out fabulously. I also used a new concept for the hanging sleeve which I found on YouTube. It was easy and used up some scrap fabric I had. I will refine it next time. It is now labeled and hanging in my studio.

With this finish, I am motivated to try and get a couple more quilts to the finish line. I’m setting up my design wall and plan to get my ” tree” blocks and my Antebellum blocks into tops. I like the idea of working on modern and traditional quilts in the same time frame. Balance, feels right. πŸ§˜β€β™€οΈ

Rainbow Scrap Challenge

Just a quick post so I can link up to the RSC on ScrapHappy Saturday! Yellow is the color of the month and much welcomed! It was nice to work with a bright springy color after the past two weeks of very wintry weather. I have been changing my work days to coincide with NON snow days since I travel 45 miles each way into the mountains which has been a challenge. The highway to work (I80 East to Truckee CA) has been closed off and on for several days the past 10 days so that the plows can clear the snow. But It has given me some extra sewing time. Looks like a clear patch of weather is ahead thankfully.

So here are my Cog blocks for this month. I love this block and this challenge is fun as I dig down into the fabric archives each month.

The Forest and the Trees

I am poking my head out like the groundhog to show you what I have finished over the last few weeks. Winter has thrown some snow days my way and I have used them productively.

I finished quilting one of the two wall hangings I am calling Counterbalance Sonoma. I’m glad I made two because I will be able to use a couple of my missteps on the first to improve the second one. Overall, I am happy with the results. I will change the thread weight and approach the quilting differently on the second one.

Any thoughts or suggestions are welcome. The backing is a linen blend and I may use something else on the second. I still haven’t figured out what I will use to bind it .

My modern quilt group is doing raffle blocks every other month. For each block entered you get a chance to win all of the blocks entered. Generally there are enough to make a lap sized quilt. I was obsessed with this month’s free form tree block. Once I got the general idea, I couldn’t stop making trees 🌲! They measure 12 1/2 inches. I made 10 and used up a lot of scraps. I’ll enter a few and keep my fingers crossed. I am keeping at least 4 to make a small wall hanging for myself in case I don’t win. Now I just have to decide which ones to keep! I love them all.

Well that’s what has been happening here in Northern Nevada. I’m ready to start my RSC Cog blocks. This month’s color is YELLOW. I want to load and quilt the 2nd “Sonoma ” quilt and get both of them bound. Barbara Brackman is calling to me again and I have only 3 blocks to make and I can put the Antebellum top together! Maybe I’ll quilt my “old” and new together.

I hate winter but love that it keeps me indoors quite a bit and I can quilt til I wilt! 😏

Emerging from the cold

We have been in the grips of a winter storm system in Northern Nevada for the last few days. We generally don’t see too much snow here in the valleys of Reno and Sparks but we did get about 6 inches on Wednesday. And,of course, it really dumped snow in the mountains. I work in Truckee, California so the snow has really piled up (about 30 inches) and the interstate has been closed periodically for two days. So I have had a couple of SNOW DAYS ⛄️!! I put the time to good use quilting-wise and have finished my 2nd wall hanging and have one on the frame.

I felt a need for a “palate cleansing ” after working with those fabrics for a couple of weeks and decided to participate in the Rainbow Scrap Challenge being held over at So Scrappy. This month’s color is red so I made three blocks for a quilt I have seen versions of in Blogland recently. My pattern is called “Cogs” and it’s from a Fons and Porter magazine (2016?). I’ll make 2 or 3 blocks a month and see where it leads me at the end of the year. Surprisingly, I found I have very little red in my stash! So the bonus is that it gives me an excuse to BUY MORE FABRIC!!πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰. Ignore the little threads and forgive the terrible photos. I took these as soon as I finished. I’ll take better photos for the linky party on Saturday.

With my “no pressure ” approach to quilting this year, it was fun to work on a new project. Having finished these blocks, I’ll be returning to my Barbara Brackman Antebellum quilt blocks, I lost steam and have 3 blocks to finish before putting the top together but again no pressure😏.

Thanks for stopping by and “quilt til you wilt”.

2019 – Happy New Year

Glad to see 2018 go out the door! We ushered in 2019 with good friends and neighbors last night. Looking back I made some good quilting progress but nothing dramatic. Lots of you were very productive! Good job!

As a start to the new year, I’ve made a few resolutions like everyone else- lose a few pounds, exercise more, GET SOME UFOS DONE!! πŸ˜‚

As a start on one of my resolutions, I worked yesterday and today on a project that I started on retreat in November. I’ll end up with two wall hangings. One for me and one for a gift for someone later this year. I’ll be quilting them together on my frame.

I’m also going to make some pillows or a table runner with the leftovers (so they don’t haunt me for life πŸ˜–). I’m not making any “firm” plans with quilting. I’m making this a NO pressure year.

I’m hoping to be more consistent with blogging but NO pressure! Hope you will stop by! Happy New Year and happy quilting!

Day ?? – Quilt delivery

I’ve missed a few days in the 31 days of blogging but I figure even half the days are better than none. I’ve been in Florida visiting with family whom I haven’t seen in several years. Hubby and I had a fabulous visit with my sister and my nephew’s family in St Augustine. It was great to be near the ocean again and get to do some holiday things together.

I also got to stop and see my mom in Ocala. She is 82 and has trouble traveling. We had a lovely time catching up with her. Before we left, l looked through my quilt tops and found one I thought she would like. It reminded me of Florida.

These blocks were made from scraps sewn to used dryer sheets as foundations many years ago. I trimmed them to 4.5 inches. It was one of those projects where I was determined to finally rid my stash of fabric I was sick of looking at but just couldn’t throw away!!

It didn’t appeal to me anymore but my mom absolutely loved it. πŸ’•